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The site is rife with *** artists: if your item is actually delivered, 9 times out of ten you will be disappointed. Many supposed sellers get aggressive if you ask for a simple bit of evidence of authenticity. Sellers say they are sick of freeloaders. Buyers say they are sick of being ripped off. Never the train shall meet. Avoid!!!

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I have been scammed by so many sellers on this site. The first promised to sell me panties and I paid and when I hadn't received them in awhile, I went back and she had removed her profile. The second told me she would send a video ..and did, but the girl in the video was 25 years older and 3 times as big as the photos she displayed on her profile ahhhhh. Another girl asked me to buy her panties...after we chatted for awhile I told her I was... Read more

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Great site, a very large pool of sellers to pick from. Very functional with a lot of methods for searching. All in all great, but that being said none of it matters when the site is down every day! I am constantly receiving an "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" error message saying "site can't be reached" I don't know what the issue is whether there is some code that is broken or if ISPs are blocking it periodically but every single day I get this error... Read more

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I made a profile on PantyDeal in order to earn some money i desperately need for college. As soon as i finished making the profile i got two messages which i can not read unless i have a VIP membership. My question is WHY do i have to have that VIP membership to read my message requests and above all, sell my worn panties? It makes no sense. Why do i need to pay 19$ for a month to SELL my panties for 20-35$??? Makes no sense. I just want to make... Read more

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Man , I haven't even signed up yet & the so called support team sucks major B**** . They say you need a PO box to get things sent to you but they do not specify if the PO box is allowed to be a physical address or JUST a PO box with numbers only. I've reached out 3 times with no response. For those 3 reasons they can kiss my a** & I will spend my heard earned money else where. Why do I need to write at least one hundred words of dissatisfaction... Read more

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I joined pantydeal as a seller back in mid April. I have made about £100 in that time and I have been logging in most days. It is now the 1st June. There are a few genuine customers but for every one of them there are many freeloaders and scammers. I have had many customers try to get free stuff and many expect to chat regardless of the fact that they have no money and don't intend on buying anything. Customers will often ask for skype or... Read more

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I did a one month trial with this company over a year ago and immediately canceled my subscription with them. However, they have continued to take money from me every single month for an entire year. They are refusing to refund even though they admitted that I did cancel. They claim that they use a 3rd party for their subscription charges and that I would have to contact that company immediately to stop the charges. Why wasn't this told to me a... Read more

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Drama and *** "a clique of *** running the site (compensated members) ...they play there little immature member was going on for months how he was a one seller man and he would only buy from one seller he was so smitten with ...he'd take pictures of her **** and notes she'd send him and post them on his profile...(wow sounds like junior high eh?...wait it gets he formed a clique with a couple of other buyers and a few... Read more

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You got that a little backwards. There are a lot of buyers who are not VIP status, they are just Regular Members, those are the ones that cannot leave reviews at all. I suggest you get in touch with customer service and have them send you the text number to verify who you are. I do have an issue with them allowing these regular members to buy. What they should do is give them a weeks pass to see if they like it and if they like it they need to... Read more

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If you entered the worn panty selling world in the hopes that you could just sit back and watch the offers pour in, this site or any for that matter, is not for you. With any business, actual selling of the item is involved.. which takes some communication skills.. That means reaching out to potential buyers and not sulking if days or weeks go by without someone purchasing from you. I know because I myself am a seller & once had a hard time... Read more

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