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I made a profile on PantyDeal in order to earn some money i desperately need for college. As soon as i finished making the profile i got two messages which i can not read unless i have a VIP membership.

My question is WHY do i have to have that VIP membership to read my message requests and above all, sell my worn panties? It makes no sense. Why do i need to pay 19$ for a month to SELL my panties for 20-35$??? Makes no sense.

I just want to make some money to pay for my bills, i don't want a VIP membership.

I need answers, fast. I don't know what else to write.

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I signed up vip and made my money back within the first day, the only problem is now that I’ve deleted my account it keeps taking the fee out!!

to B123A #1439453

i even called my credit card company, it wont let me make a membership!


Me too Lend, I really wanted to sell and was so excited about it and now I'm hearing it is a scam and that no one will even contact me :(




I wanted to try it but i'm also worried about paying... what if it's a scam or nobody wants to buy. I'd like to see my messages without paying for vip.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #1277997

Email me Ill buy something @dannysellers91@gmail.com

Trimley St Mary, England, United Kingdom #1238426

I have experienced the same thing it sucks where can I find somewhere that doesn't charge


Are you serious? They provide a connection for you with a customer base.

They're not in this business for charity and I seriously doubt you are.

Look, you can easily make up the fee they charge, make private connections and work outside of PD with your customer base. The fee they charge you can make up in 2 transactions and still have 28 others without their fee.

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